About Serve Here Now

We promote social change by leading engaging professionals to credible pro-bono services.

Serve Here Now provides community change organizations with the expertise and insights of skilled volunteers, ensuring the greatest impact for all involved.

It is our goal that all organizations with promising solutions will one day be equipped to successfully take on urgent community needs. We want to lead the way in ensuring that mission-driven organizations have access to high-impact pro bono services wherever and whenever they need it.

We will help ensure that organizations can solve critical community problems by certifying that pro bono service is a readily available, current, reliable, and commonly used resource for social change organizations to achieve their mission.

Our Promise

We commit to growing our Serve Here Now community into one that is increasingly diverse in its backgrounds, identity, and experience. We understand that solving the social problems of our community requires the brave efforts of people who are as diverse in every respect as our world in general.